Monday, October 5, 2015

Optimizing Ableton with Multiple Drives

Do you use Ableton live for performance or recording purposes? Well, using multiple hard drives are the key to remove data collisions and bottlenecks that will reduce your artistic vision. Ableton recommends using 4 different hard drives for your projects. Make sure all the drives are formatted in your computer's native format:

1) System drive (SSD): This one should hold your program application
2) Samples and Libraries (SATA3-7200RMP): This one holds your packs, samples and sound libraries.
3) Audio Recording and Caching (SATA3-7200RMP): This is especially key if you are using higher bit rates for your audio recordings.
4) Backup (Any type): This is to have a backup of your files etc.

For information on how to set these in Ableton Live, check out the link below.

Ableton Help File

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