Monday, January 5, 2015

Twitter Problems

So recently I was trying to update's twitter account @TheAudioPod and found some pretty interesting limitations.

1) Twitter will only let you follow 1,000 people a day. Not a great thing when you want to keep up to date with all the artists out there.

The work around: Put them into lists. *WARNING: Twitter has a limitation on lists also. See below

2) Twitter will only let you do about 150 list changes per hour. YES! per hour! That means you can only add or remove 150 people at a time. Not a great system. I imagine the reason is so that it limits the amount of BOTS on their systems at one time. I could see a bot removing or adding people on lists jumping into a FOR loop and crashing twitter.

However, the issue is that for small blogs like this or ordinary people it is a major hassle to manage your news feeds. Feel free to leave some ideas on how to manage this better. Yes I also use Hootsuite.

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