Friday, March 21, 2014

Pre-Production Part 2

Scheduling. Why?


The ability to effectively manage a small group of people is key for any producer or engineer roll. You are a leader in the control room (that's what you wanted right?). So now, it's time to step up. What do leaders in the 21st century do?!


So, in pre-production, it's absolutely ok to over schedule the bejesus out of the project. As we all know, schedules and life changes every second so having a plan for your recording and mixing allows for other people to work their personal schedules around their work schedules. Here is an example of a pre-production schedule I did for a previous project.
As you see here, every date, time, room and task is laid out in order to allow for the band to know who needs to be where. 

Even if this project doesn't go according to plan, you can alter and change if needed. But, people now know what is expected of them in this recording process and the project can move forward with the same time commitment expectations. 

Also, as you see, emails and contact information is on the sheet so once you look at the schedule you can contact somebody in the same time frame. It's just convenience without losing time trying to look up people's information that you could have spent on mixing. 

Time management next!

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